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The website currently has a homepage that presents a sample of some paintings, photos and drawings. It adapts to PCs, tabelttes, Ipad phones ...

The MENU gives access to the paintings GALLERIES photos and drawings that are all structured a little the same way by categories including sketch-essays, abstract, Tricks ...

The use of transparency, animations in the back plan and in the logo and arrangement of menus, pages, photographs of the paintings, the referencing, the side "analytics" allow me to finalize the structure of the site.

For the creation of the site, I am fond of your remarks. The elements planned to complete the galleries are in preparation courses and will be published as soon as they become available.

So that you can leave me your observations and inquiries, different buttons you simplify the process: Buttons:

[ contact ] So that you can leave me remarks, comments and what goes through your head,

[ newsletters ] To keep up to date with new tables, mini-shop tables, new group activities,

new photos, tips ...

[ Blog ] To share my articles

[ Chat ] To communicate live

Que pensez-vous par exemple, de l'image du fond du site ... et

du reste? ... vous pouvez me répondre via [ contact ]

Je vous remercie de votre intérêt et vous souhaite une

excellente année, que puissent se réaliser vos meilleurs voeux!


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M à j    05 oct. 2020

jeanmariegaillard dessin

  © 2015  Jean-Marie Gaillard

Monthey,     Valais,        Suisse

Peinture à l'huile,  photo

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