The painters of the Middle Ages

They created paintings but not only ...

they decorated the rooms, ceilings, walls, objects, anything that could support colors. even tournament weapons for example.

They carried out projects requested by rich men. They carried out projects of jewels, goldsmiths' pieces, decorations in the churches and castles and houses, portraits of important persons, kings, notables and patrons on all the supports and all the sizes and in all the situations.

The paintings were a bit like photographs. Compared to the actual life of the photos, the paintings and frescos have remarkably crossed the centuries.

1 of 4 Decorations for the 1995 Monthey figure skating party.

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M à j    05 oct. 2020

jeanmariegaillard dessin

  © 2015  Jean-Marie Gaillard

Monthey,     Valais,        Suisse

Peinture à l'huile,  photo

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