Art for Young people

To create the desire to see paintings

For our young people, on walks such as the Saxon Herd Trail, when visiting museum exhibitions and other cultural activities.

Envie de voir !

NO ! and no we do not visit a museum or exhibit because it is raining or gray, or there is no last television show that we regularly follow week by week.

No obligation, either, if you visit a city, to go through the exhibition or museum box!

Do not travel for hours, stay too long at the place of visit or want to see everything and understand everything. Explain that the rules are there to protect works that have endured the trials of centuries. Do not touch or approach too close, and do not shoot with the flash.

In some places the supervisors control the rules.

Remember your first impression, your first impression of a piece of art, be it a painting or a sculpture. How did he mark you, what made you stop? Well, that's where you have to start with the kids.

A color, a shape, a detail, an odor, an atmosphere, a feeling makes it simple. That's what we should exchange. Our emotions and our feelings without revealing everything and leaving the choice to the child to discover his new artistic environment.

I really like to buy some postcards after a visit. Remember to stop with your children for a snack.

I invite you to go from a very early age museums and exhibitions, cultural walks, anything that awakens the senses, which has no relationship to performance, efficiency, transparency, if not that pigments in oil painting for example.

Want to see !

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Peinture à l'huile,  photo

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